Why Learn Piano?

  • Learning music is an invaluable life tool. A foundation of hands-on music education is beneficial to everyone. Aside from helping cognitive development – in linguistic, mathematical and spatial skills, improved concentration, memory and motor skills – the process of learning and developing proficiency in any instrument enhances creativity, self-expression, and confidence. Even just listening to music has therapeutic and analgesic effects – classical music in particular has proven positive effects on brain waves. If piano is your chosen instrument, I can help foster your creativity and self-esteem, and will tailor a lesson plan to your level and needs.
  • Piano is fun and versatile. While there is a level of discipline needed to master any skill, music should be enjoyable, and not a source of anxiety or something you feel forced into. There is no need for beginner music and exercises to be boring either, or for lessons to be a drag! I use the Faber Piano Adventures series, which is particularly well-suited to beginners of any age – you will be pleasantly surprised at your own ability to easily create a beautiful sound! In addition to many original compositions, the Faber repertoire also includes well-known popular and classical pieces, and many duets. Familiar pieces ensure that you have a connection to the music you’re playing, and classical music is important for developing a well-rounded technique. Over time, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to any genre, and will have a solid foundation of skills in how to read and interpret music.

Teacher Profile

  • Amy is a lifelong resident of the Upper Yarra Valley and has been playing the piano from about the time she could reach the keys while standing up! She is a classically-trained pianist with a sensitive and expressive touch, and provides a patient, focused, one-on-one experience as a teacher, in a tranquil and comfortable location.
  • She is currently studying a Bachelor of Music, and prior to this trained with Peter Carthew. In 2014 one of her music compositions was entered into a global competition, where she won a trip to New Zealand to meet film director Peter Jackson.
  • In her creative work, Amy takes inspiration from nature, the mountains, classical music, and old-world beauty. An eclectic hobbyist, she also enjoys historical costuming, handcrafts, photography, and website design.